Wiki and Updates wiki wiki is nothing but a survival game where your basic aim is to survive by hook or crook till the last. You also need to beat your opponents while playing this game.

There are plenty of popular survival games on the internet. Each of these games is amazing in its own way for various reasons. In case you want to play some different online survival games then you are supposed to start with wiki. This game is really becoming popular day by day. Wiki: The Best Survival Game Out There

  • wiki is considered to be the best online survival game of recent times. This is known to be an amazing resource gathering and hit survival .io game. While playing this game, you are required to put your best effort to survive in the post apocalyptic world where everything is known to be very dangerous and perilous. Your primary aim is to collect various necessary resources, craft the latest items as well as keep yourself warm. In doing all these things, you are required to stay alive in the game as long as you can. wiki

  • It is important for you to build a bunker in this game for your convenience. On the other hand, you are also supposed to protect your own territory as well as stock up with the food for future use.


  • Since is a survival game so there are other opponents of yours who are also trying to win the game for themselves. Hence, you are really required to be wise and smart in order to beat them on their own ground and stay alive as long as you can. If you can stay alive till last, you will be the champion of the game for the obvious reasons. controls are one of the most important topics to learn.


  • This game is basically known to alternate day and night. You are given some ability for creating few things according to your needs and requirements while playing the wiki. This amazing game is there to come with awesome 2D graphics along with different interesting options. You have the option to connect to the European server as well as move around this game.


  • Moreover, you are also supposed to take care of your hunger, energy as well as temperature. Keeping yourself warm is an important aspect while playing this game. Otherwise, you are likely to die out of the cold. It is also important for you to maintain your energy to be able to continue the game since this is a survival game and you have to survive at any cost. You may use some hacks or cheats in your favor to win the game.

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