Guide 2019 guide 2019 is а game with very realistic apocalyptical content, a form of a survival story. But, you have to know that the game is not easy to play. That’s the reason why you need guide 2019.

How to Play the Game with Guide 2019

If you want to play well, below is guide 2019 that can prepare for all challenges in the game. You have just started. The thing you should do is to collect wood, making a hatchet, collecting any oranges, making a campfire. All weapons are listed in weapons.

Level 1

You do not need anything just now. You should gather stone and wood. The first research point is on an inventory spot.

Level 2

You should set up a base to protect your character. This will make you avoid randoms from taking your things from chests and crafting stations. Make sure you collect any meat and oranges.

Level 3

You should keep collecting stone, wood, and iron. Throw away any fat, tendons, and leather you get. Make sure you keep collecting oranges, meat, and building fires. Save your research point.

Level 4

You should use guns and spend a research point on firepits. Save your current one for higher levels. guide 2019

Level 5

Start making shaped metal. keep harvesting resources and building your base. Spend a point on inventory and a steel axe.

Level 6

You should get a research bench. If your base isn’t finished, you should not attack other players. If people come to your base, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. you should spend a point on a Steel.

Level 7

You’ll want to start collecting any sulfur. You should research the headscarf when you can. You should collect as much sulfur as possible. Players should do it because this game was designed just like the former game

Level 8

You should research chests so you can store thread, leather, fat, and tendons. You need a lot of these for hats and bullets. If you have an extra point, research a chapka. Keep collecting resources. Do extra things that you need to survive.

Level 9

You need to make a sulfur pickaxe. Get even more sulfur because you’ll still need a lot.

Level 10

If you haven’t already, get the Chapka. In addition, you need to get a radiation mask. Keep collecting sulfur and try to get rotten oranges.

Level 11

Research and make the Min. Rad Suit. Start getting and storing uranium.

Level 12

You should research and make the smelter. Get some more uranium and sulfur.

Level 13

Research and make а fridge. You don’t have to worry about food at this point.

Level 14

You should research bullets. Continue doing what you did before.

Level 15

You should make the MP5 and bullets. You can do whatever you want after this point. guide 2019 can make a really good player in this realistic and apocalyptical game.

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  1. just looking for the basics of how to start of fire – have crafted a campfire and place it but it doesn’t light and I am tired of dying – need some basic instructions

    1. Walk next to it, click E, then click the +10 wood icon (make sure you have wood in your inventory). Stay near the fire to warm up.

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