Controls and Gameplay controls controls are a recently released popular online survival game where you need to protect yourself from a ruthless world and beat the other players to win it.

If you love playing online multiplayer survival games, then you are really supposed to start playing controls for the obvious reasons. This game is full of challenges that make this game quite interesting and amazing. Once you start playing this game then you would not prefer to play any other game at all. Gameplay

You are required to put all your efforts to survive as long as you can. The world of this game is full of fierce threats and challenges that you are required to overcome at any cost. You are supposed to collect different kinds of resources in order to beat your opponents and protect yourself. Fight your enemies to beat them in the best way possible.

In controls, there will be a little yellow character that you are required to control. Moreover, you have to collect stone, wood as well as other important materials in order to create different weapons and tools. These tools and weapons are supposed to be utilized in your favor in the best way possible. controls

On the other hand, you are also supposed to collect food that you need to eat when you get hungry. Otherwise, you will die out of hunger. Moreover, you need to light up a fire in the jungle at night in order to keep yourself warm and safe.

There will be radiation that you need to beware of, otherwise, it might kill you. There will be enemies that will try to harm or kill you in online games. This is why you are required to be careful and show mercy to your opponents. Beat them or kill them at the first sight of danger. Once you beat all your opponents you become a leader on the scoreboard and you eventually win at last.

You are supposed to start the game by properly crafting hatchet by just clicking on the C. Then go and unlock the skills to level up. Moreover, proceed to collect food and create food products for future use. It’s easy to learn all the details about the game with the wiki. Controls

  • Use WASD in order to move in the respective directions.
  • You need to go for the left click of a mouse to hit.
  • Use the button E in order to interact.
  • Click the key Shift to speed up.
  • Use the key M for the map of the game.
  • Moreover, use the key C for the craft and skills.

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