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One of the most popular survival io games is wiki 2019 named it as the best game informative page with an apocalyptic theme, in the genre of survival. Designed by people which developed In the game, you will have to survive in an apocalypse. Wiki: The Place To Find Out Everything About The Game

You think you have seen everything in gaming. Hold on until you see the game. It’s the developer’s newest diamond in realistic games. Some of the most important players in this timeline gave this game a positive review. This page will provide information about the game developments and items. Let wiki 2019 introduce you to a game. Wiki 2019 Published wiki 2019 published a lot about the world of your own creation, your own base. You need to live in this world. Your goal set by designers is to survive. Also the day-to-day activities: get food, kill, etc. The most important thing is not to let the game beat you! That will mean a long and painful death. wiki 2019

It takes place in the future, so it could mean that something has happened in the past. The present time is dictating that kind of situation. That is what players worldwide think in many reviews.

Tips for playing

  • Never spend points on vision without need. The sight will not help you a lot unless you are searching for food. In the base and around, vital is survival and killing other players.
  • If you are on lower levels, you must do not use points on something unnecessary. If you need research, do it. If do not, don’t waste money.
  • Do not chase people. It will leave you unguarded and vulnerable. You must also not kill anybody when the karma system comes out.
  • wiki 2019 explain to make several crafting stations, so you can craft faster. It is not vital to make multiple research places, crafting tables, etc. It is important to build loads of fire pits for the fast cooking of meat and iron. Also crafting tables for faster crafting. It will give you the best tools for surviving in this kind of environment.
  • Use only surplus points for inventory slots. They are very useful, but in this game, you can spend points on better things.

What Other Items Are There For Players?

With cheats 2019, you can eliminate more opponents. It gives players the power to withstand the game conditions by giving them extra features.

As a very popular multiplayer game, in you can enjoy it with your friends. It will keep you involved. You can spend hours playing without getting bored. In this apocalyptic world, finding food, killing and other things are interesting as developers thought about every detail. Keep in mind also the graphic is great and realistic. For more info visit wiki 2019.

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